Original LIQUI MOLY Hydrauliköl HLP 46 1 Liter

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Specifications and approvals: Hydraulic oil SEB 181 222 HLP 46 ∙ Hydraulic oil DIN 51524 part 2 HLP 46 Description High-performance hydraulic oil made from high-quality raffinates. Due to the high thermal stability of the base oils, the aging process is significantly reduced, even at elevated temperatures. This makes a decisive contribution to less sludge formation, improved cleanliness and reliability of the hydraulic systems. The excellent resistance to oxidation enables a long oil service life (change intervals). The excellent wear protection technology works in both low and high load conditions. Good corrosion protection behavior even in the presence of water. This means that the hydraulic components are optimally protected under all operating conditions. Properties - excellent temperature resistance - excellent corrosion protection - highest thermal stability - excellent wear protection - neutral to common sealing materials - high lubrication security Important information on the disposal of used oil: You can remove your used oil (combustion engine oils, gear oils, oil filters and oil-containing waste that regularly occurs during oil changes) in the amount of fresh oil bought from us free of charge at our point of sale during operating hours: Hand it in Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or at your own expense in packaging approved for the transport of dangerous goods to: B + F Schmierstoff GmbH, Am Gewerbehof 13, 50170 Kerpen Send for free disposal. Any transport costs incurred are at the expense of the buyer. Please note the transport regulations of the shipping company, since waste oil is dangerous. If you change the oil, we recommend that you dispose of the used oil at the appropriate collection points in your place of residence.


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1 l = 6.78 €
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