Aral Getriebeoel SNS-A 75W-85 20 l

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Aral gear oil SNS-A 75W-85 Fully synthetic high-performance manual transmission fluid. Description Aral Transmission Oil SNS-A 75W-85 is a fully synthetic high-performance manual transmission fluid for use in many trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles where API GL-4 lubricant is required. These transmissions are often exposed to higher loads and temperatures than those in passenger cars. Aral gear oil SNSA 75W-85 has been specially developed for these special requirements. Benefits Excellent thermal and oxidative stability for a clean gear and long lubricant life. Synthetic formulation for reduced operating temperatures and longer lubricant life. Excellent cold flow properties for smooth gear changes at low temperatures ,. High shear stability for as constant as possible flow properties during the entire change interval. Good wear and EP performance for excellent protection of components even under high load conditions.


Specifications API GL-4 MB Release 235.4 Volvo Transmission Oil 97307: 024 Can be used in synchronized Eaton manual transmissions with 500,000 km service interval (Eaton Service Bulletin 2273)

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