Mazda Original Oil ATF M-III 1L

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1 l = 0,75 €

Genuine Mazda ATF Type M-III automatic transmission fluid

"Mazda Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid" is a unique automatic transmission fluid specially designed to meet Mazda's exacting quality requirements.

This gear oil complies with Mazda M3 specifications and is recommended for use in all Mazda ATF M3 vehicles.

Mazda ATF M3 has been specially designed to maximize performance from Mazda automatic transmissions.

Optimum shift quality is ensured by a wide range of conditions and long term use due to the special "friction modifier" additives ("friction improvers").

A high viscosity index with special characteristics for low temperatures is used to guarantee stable operation over a wide temperature range. This allows for easier engine starting and smooth shifting at low temperature. Special anti-wear properties help protect the gearbox from copper corrosion and excessive wear.

Gearbox seals and "o" rings are protected by the use of special ingredients to increase life expectancy.

Always follow the recommendations of the device manufacturer.


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