LIQUI MOLY 7388 Pro-Line Haftschmier Spray Korrosionsschutz Abdichten 400ml

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LIQUI MOLY 7388 Pro-Line Adhesive Spray Spray Corrosion Protection Caulking 400ml

High-quality synthetic, thermostable, extremely adhesion- and spin-resistant lubricant compound. After evaporation of the solvent, an extremely adhesive lubricant film remains. The special formulation ensures optimum corrosion protection and excellent sealing performance. The high pressure absorption capacity and the long-term effect provide optimum protection for all components even under extreme conditions.

For preventive interval lubrication of components in the automotive and industrial sectors such as hinges, joints, linkages, reversing levers, spindles, guides, slide rails, door bolts, bearings and spring pulls.


400 ml

Important information on the disposal of used oil: You can remove your used oil (combustion engine oils, gear oils, oil filters and oil-containing waste that regularly occurs during oil changes) in the amount of fresh oil bought from us free of charge at our point of sale during operating hours: Return Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or at your own expense in packaging approved for the transport of dangerous goods to: B + F Schmierstoff GmbH, Am Gewerbehof 13, 50170 Kerpen Send for free disposal. Any transport costs incurred are at the expense of the buyer. Please note the transport regulations of the shipping company, since waste oil is dangerous. If you change the oil, we recommend that you dispose of the used oil at the appropriate collection points in your place of residence

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